About StratPlace

Our Purpose

StratPlace is the world’s most comprehensive guide to professional content focused on industries, business, consumer interests, and information technology related subjects. For busy professionals, StratPlace makes it easier to stay informed, to access the best sources of professional information and to monitor the information impacting your career.

Our Capabilities

StratPlace empowers professionals with easy access to professional content for their specific topic and industry interests. The current release of StratPlace provides the following features:
  1. Easily browse the best content in one place: StratPlace aggregates and classifies the best professionally-relevant information from more than 22,000 sources, enabling Members to easily access over 190 professional topics, 240 industry sectors and a variety of consumer interest subjects. Our home page shows the most popular content, from the top sources including top stories, top business, most emailed, science, sports, and top technology content. StratPlace serves a guide to all types of content including news, blogs, articles, research, books, video, audio and relevant websites.
  2. Quickly find the information you need: Our custom-developed Research Search engine searches over 2,800 analyst and research sites covering market research, company profiles, and the latest trends. For professional content, the focus of our Research Search gives Members much higher quality and relevance of search results.
  3. To join StratPlace, you must be invited by a current Member. The site has no ads and is completely focused on content and site features.

    StratPlace is a platform developed by IT Agility LLC, a privately held company based in San Francisco, CA.